shutterstock_269037548Interpretation is to facilitate oral communication from one language into another. Simply put, an interpreter listens to one language and speaks in another. There are two major forms of interpretation: consecutive and simultaneous. Most interpretation jobs use the consecutive mode, in which Person A speaks and then pauses for the interpreter to interpret. After the interpreter is done, Person B will speak. Some situations call for simultaneous interpretation, which requires the interpreter to start interpreting almost simultaneously (usually just a few seconds behind) with the speaker and maintain the same rate of speech with the speaker throughout the conversation. You may have seen or experienced simultaneous interpretation in international conferences, emergency rooms, and more.

At Tingbridge, we provide 24/7, top-quality English and Mandarin consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services for:

Conferences, business meetings, depositions, legal proceedings, immigration interviews, healthcare, schools, government, nonprofits, international delegations, and more.

A good interpreter not only converts one language into another, but also facilitates the communication process by recognizing visual cues, cultural differences, etc. Our Chinese and English interpreter was trained professionally with strong communication skills and cultural awareness. We will help you successfully overcome communication barriers to be understood.

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