“We first used Ting Ting’s services last year for a large, multi-day US-China Symposium held in Kansas City.  Attendees from both the US and China side were extremely impressed by her level of professionalism, the quality of her simultaneous and/or consecutive interpretation skills, and her superb customer service.  Beyond that, Ting Ting has a warm, perceptive, and helpful personality and is a real pleasure to work with.  We have sought her out for several translation (and other) projects since then and cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Nancy Hill, President Emeritus, Edgar Snow Memorial Foundation

“Tingting was one of the best and most professional Chinese interpreters in KC-metro area. She is very responsive and easy to work with. She cares about her clients and will always go the extra mile. Her interpretation and translations are on point and excellent. She has very high ethical standards and the utter most respect for the profession.”

Maya King, Law Office of Maya Y. King, LLC

“Raul and I were so thoroughly impressed with your professionalism. You really master both languages so very well. I appreciated that you made clear when you were speaking and when you were translating. I will definitely be calling for your services the next time I have a Chinese patient. You are also so kind and thorough. You mimicked everything I said to the client and even acted it out when you saw that I acted out a sentence. We were just talking about you this morning so that is what compelled me to give you this feedback. We have only had disastrous translator situations but with you it went seamlessly. You are an amazing and highly qualified translator. Thank you for all you did for us. ”

Dr. Alicia Cabrera, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“We wish [to thank] you for your remarkable interpretation service given to us while hosting the Israeli Consumer Electronics Delegation to Qingdao. You managed to answer our on-the-spot needs most efficiently and professionally in a short notice. We were impressed by your fluency and use of professional terms while translating both the group meetings with leading Chinese brands and one-on-one business meetings. We were delighted working with you; we found you of pleasant presence and hope to further use your interpretation services in our future events.”

Mr. Oded Arbel, Israeli Trade Representative in China, Israeli Embassy, Beijing

“Tingting was of great assistance to our many programs in which we collaborate musically with students and professors in China. Her interpretations and translations were always extremely accurate, and the results were practical and idiomatic in both English and Chinese.  Her skills as a translator are among the best I’ve seen and I recommend her very highly.”

Dr. John Prescott, Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Music, Missouri State University

“Tingting Qin is one of my best students at translation. She learned professional translation skills and applies them well in her works. She worked on several translation projects including published books with me and she sharpened her skills through each project. She always strives for excellence and continues to find ways to improve herself in translation and interpretation. She is also extremely responsible, reliable, and efficient. I would recommend her to anyone who’s looking for high-quality translators.”

Lina Xu, Professor of Translation, College of Foreign Languages, Qingdao University

“We have been highly satisfied with Tingting Qin’s translations. She co-translated and co-edited various books for us, showing not only a mastery of both English and Chinese, but also great cultural awareness. She pays a lot of attention to details and her work is always superb. We look forward to working with her again.”

Yongyi Cao, Director of Editorial Department, Qingdao Publishing Group